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Wow. Just--wow.

Archangels and Furies: A Look at Marguerite Reed’s ARCHANGEL and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Marguerite Reed’s Archangel brings to mind Tiptree too, in much the same manner. Dropping only a few clues to the future in this, the first of her Chronicles of Ubastis, Archangel introduces xenobiologist Vashti Loren, who has been chosen to assist in the colonization of the Eden-like Ubastis, one of the remaining hopes for home of a space-faring humanity. Vashti loves Ubastis and its rich ecology and so acts to keep the planet in balance, understanding full well how her species destroyed earth and not wanting to see it lay waste to another world. Indeed, at times Vashti seems to show far more concern for Ubastis than for her fellow human beings, be they the genetically engineered Beasts or the visiting tourists from the rich galactic melting pot, though she also shows great love for her daughter Bibi and her dead husband, who, like Max’s child, haunts her thoughts.

Uh...did I say wow?
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Archangel Release Day!

After mumble amount of years, I have a book on the shelves of bookstores in America! Archangel should be available at a B&N near you, as well as independent bookstores and online. So many thanks are owed to you friends and colleagues who gave me a hand along the way. This could not have happened without you.

Here's the interview I did with the good folks at Resurrection House:

Marguerite Reed Interview
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I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've been here. You knowhow it is with Facebook, and with a full time job, and, and, and.

I do want to update y'all a bit--my book, that I've been nattering about for ages, is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Do be warned--the name of the book has been changed, from The Horses of Achilles to Archangel.

Archangel by Marguerite Reed

The cover image should be showing up on Amazon in a couple of days, but you can see it here, now!

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I am very pleased to announce--
No no--I am utterly geeked out--

I could not have done this at all without the Online Writer's Workshop, C.c. Finlay, Sarah Prineas, and Dan Goss (wherever he might be).
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A Breath of Relief?

I am going to cautiously say that life seems to be improving. The Teen got their grades back, and the Spouse was not at all displeased. The GPA is currently 3.38. Weak spots (Cs) are Honors Chemistry and Honors Algebra (which I think is Algebra II). Teen aced English and American History, as well as all but one of her multiple art classes (photography, 3D art, and computer animation, a B in one of them). So now we know what to focus on.

Mom was back from Larksfield for a couple of weeks, and then Dad apparently (in his words) had a talk with himself, and as of Friday he admitted her to Cypress Springs. He's not sure how permanent this is going to be--he's playing by ear, as it were. This is a care facility whose representative has talked to me and Dad before, quite a few times earlier this year when she was in the hospital. A super nice lady, who met Dad at the door when he brought Mom in for admission. The Teen and I visited Mom yesterday very briefly, to check the place out. She did not recognize her grandchild, but recovered well and said that was because the Teen had changed so much. Nice save, Mom. ;^D I'd love to get a wreath or some other decoration for the front of Mom's door--Dad was all "we'll see." I have no idea why he wouldn't want to put something cheerful there, but that's Dad.

Anyway, the tree is no longer incurring my wrathy tears, there are a sufficiency of presents, and there is snow. Things are, as of this writing, quite fine.

Let me take a moment to offer deep thanks to everyone. I don't know how far I could have made it this year without you friends. I mean, I probably could have made it? But it would have been even rockier and more painful. Thank you so very very much for your kindness, your hugs, both meat and pixel, and your support.
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