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The Blue Ey'd Hag

Sex Work

Doing research on sex work so far is a little tricky. There is a mountain of prejudice against sex work, so much baggage people have, that objectivity is a little difficult.

When I say objectivity, I'm not talking about a lack of emotional attachment. I like to see a little emotion in an article. What I'm talking about is the preconceptions, axes to grind, political stances that most people bring to their studies. You're going to have anti-sex crusaders, pro-sex crusaders, those seeking to end child trafficking (I'm not saying these are bad stances, ok?), Men's Rights Activists, psychologists who take the point that all sex workers have been abused in their childhood, people who believe that sexuality is binary not a spectrum--people who set out to prove a conclusion without letting their data lead them.

I myself have to be careful of this. If the vision I have for my character is A, J, and W, I can't let myself get bent out of shape if my research says it's more likely that while he may be J, it's unlikely that he's W, and the chance for an A is right out. I can't massage my data.

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Yana Tallon-Hicks

Feminist Porn
by Yana Tallon-Hicks

This is one time the comments are interesting (and occasionally awesome).  For example:


Thank you for a beautiful article opening up others to pornography that values it's participants and engages with cast, crew and audiences in a way that is ethical. We're honored to be included in your post, and proud of the work we've done within our queer community.

Our models are brave individuals, who are empowered with their choices as sexual adults. We are lesbian, gay, transwomen, transmen, genderqueer, kinky, vanilla, people of many sizes and abilities and so much more.

When we film we honor each others boundaries, safeties, and desires, and because of this, our director (a queer woman of color) Shine Louise Houston and her company Pink & White Productions has won several Feminist Porn Awards. We hope more people hear about our work so that we all can see there are many options when it comes to erotic videos, and it's not all a "four-letter word".

The more people support our work with memberships and by talking about us, the more we can afford to keep doing what we're doing and offer more alternatives to adult entertainment and documented sexual expression.

As Annie Sprinkle said, "The answer to bad porn isn't no porn... it's to make better porn!"

Jay, casting and assistant CrashPadSeries.com
Pink & White Productions

Oh, and love this one--though I don't see any comments:

The Lies Porn Tells Us
by Yana Tallon-Hicks

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Me Hat

Operating From a Faulty Hypothesis?


Quest for Participants: Interviews on BDSM and its effect on trauma and shame.

This is the first stage of the gathering of stories to form a collected work of experiences that show a glimpse of the process that some people go through when BDSM touches on previous trauma or shame. If you have an experience to tell, for better or worse, and would like to contribute please do. If you know of people who might be interested in contributing, please share the link. Anonymity is assured.

Please share this with those you think would find it relevant or might be interested in participating.

The link goo.gl/M2U3E allows people to access the form online.

Thank you

Tim Murray
Goddard College IBA Program

Request for Participants: Interviews on BDSM and its effect on trauma and shame.

As a student at Goddard College I am gathering stories from individuals who have experienced sexual trauma and have, either successfully or unsuccessfully, intentionally used BDSM to cope with, treat, or otherwise re-direct their emotions around the issue. BDSM is a compound acronym referring to Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism among other variants in sexual exploration. For the purposes of this survey it is the term used to account for all "alternative" sexual practices related to the mentioned activities. This interview is being administered under the assumption that you, as the interviewee, have at some point willingly experimented with spanking, being tied up, tying someone up, role playing, and other related activities that may not be detailed in this interview. If discussing these aspects of your experience is not acceptable please feel free to end the interview now. If not, we will begin with some questions to establish a common understanding and build to more personal questions. With those willing, I would like to do interviews in person or over the phone as available. I will be making personal trips to the San Francisco, Seattle, New York and other areas to hold interviews if enough participants are interested. Phone interviews will be conducted for those unable or uninterested in attending. The final purpose of this project is to assemble a collected work of stories and experiences that expresses some of the decisions and feelings involved in the various paths people have taken through this. The presentation will be similar to The Vagina Monologues, Pouring Tea, and other collected oral and written histories. -Tim Murray tim.murray@goddard.edu

While I'm all for the study of sexual practices, and certainly for validation of BDSM as a worthwhile human activity (as opposed to, say, simply a cheap-ass character marker for The Bad Guy), doesn't it seem that this student's study is going from an almost-as-cheap-ass cliche, the one where the only people involved in BDSM (epecially subs) are abuse survivors?

I don't want to discount those abuse survivors who happen to be involved in BDSM. Just as I don't want to discount those adult children of normal families who happen to be in BDSM.

There may be abuse survivors who have found BDSM to be therapeutic, and I don't want to knock their mode of coping. On the other hand, I would like to see a little more acceptance of this modality before tagging it and then forgetting it as another easily reducible (dispensable, inferior) appendix to the "correct" sexuality of vanilla het.
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Update & Sex Workers

Ok, so yesterday I stepped down in my capacity as Baroness of the local SCA baronage. I still have some duties to accomplish, but hopefully this will free me up to accomplish more things.

I spent the morning plotting. Thinking about sex workers in the future, and what kind of society would it be where sex was seen as a positive thing? Well, a society where women had greater status, for one.

So if there was a society that was more sex positive, what need would there be for prostitution?
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